Monday, 18 April 2011

Lesson One - Getting Hooked.

So there you are - an inspired young writer, ready to change the face of the internet through your witty perceptions and challenging insights. But how to present your ideas to the general public?
Our first lecture will be just this - how to create a blog that will make people sit up and pay attention to you.

- Find a hook.
Look at all the biggest blogs in Stardoll history. Perez Hilton of Stardoll. Elite News. Stardoll's Fashion Police. They all had a hook, a theme. Find your own unique theme, and you pull in a whole new audience. The trick with this is to not pick anything too obscure - e.g. a blog called Medolls That Look Like Steve Buscemi. Because how far can you take that, really? Also, deciding to write a fully-blown film each week starring all the famous 'elites' on Stardoll may seem like a good idea at first, but you'll quickly get bored after the second essay. Pick an idea that can stand the test of time.
Create a whole new persona, if you have to. When you are acting, taking on a whole new character can enhance your confidence, and the same applies to blogging. Creating a new Medoll, a new name and a new personality takes you outside your comfort zone, and helps you to become a better writer. Of course, it's not always necessary - people respect you having the guts to put your own name to a 'bitchy' comment. And the golden rule of writing under a pseudonym? Never ever make that pseudonym 'Gossip Girl'.

I'll keep these lectures short, one point at a time.
Next time: Knowing your subject.

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  1. Hey SDBS!
    Great lecture!
    Can't wait for the next lecture.
    Very good tips, will definitely take them into consideration.
    Natalie x :)
    Stardoll Name - Babyxnatalie