Students List

The following members are those a part of the school so far: (in no particular order)

  1. supa_star4real - You were the first to apply, I can hardly turn you down!
  2. Tiff_forever - You want to be able to multi-task, (juggle two types of writing) we support this greatly!
  3. Starchels2010 - Informal writing? Let's change it to formal, eh?
  4. blonehairpanda - Repetition is your worst enemy, I would keep that in mind hun... :)
  5. Lululolliepop63 - Me? A brilliant mind? Why, thank you!
  6. BonJour360 - Short and snappy, nice application.
  7. lebocutie4life - You have displayed that you need help, we will help as best as we can.
  8. Nextpingugirl - Nothing wrong with adding a cherry on top, eh?
  9. LillyLilaLola - We'll keep that in mind and do some more technical posts.
  10. VampireLady33 - Promote it we shall!
  11. .Bla.Bla.Bla - We share the same dream. I would like to be a journalist too!
  12. Babyxnatalie - You've come to the right place!
  13. ---Neon--- - We could maybe give you a good deal, keep up with the homework!
  14. RulerofRoses - Your readers will soon be reading an above-average blog after some weeks!
  15. Mizz_Angel_  - On one condition. Are you willing to give it your ALL? 
  16. Avniarisha - Thanks for the compliment. I didn't know you thought I was a good writer!
  17. jelizaveta123 - We thought it was a great idea too, so we pursued our dreams, like you should!
  18. momijigal911 - Just because you have no comments, doesn't mean people don't appreciate your posts...
  19. Miss_summer_bbz - Let's make you a brilliant blogger!
  20. robynnrocks - Two months is a short space of time. Have faith.
  21. fairydew - Blogging will be fun when you REALLY know how...
  22. Yosola99 - Ideas? We're metaphorically giving them away!
  23. Princess_Dumini - 3 is lucky for some...Like me :) 
  24. Smigglestar - Calm down, you're in good hands!
  25. waifish - Don't be too needy. I'm more than sure that you're capable!
  26. marikate14 - Comma. Comma. Comma, slow down on the commas! We will help with this :)
We accepted you all because we saw that you all wanted and needed to be apart of our project. To begin with, the blog was off to a slow start but now it is really snowballing. And we are glad. We just want to improve other people's blogging skills and in a respectable manner. Now, remember to make sure you've done your homework. If you are unable to do that - contact me (xxevie23xx) or Welsh_witch. Also, I noticed that when reading through the applications, many people had confidence issues and I assure you now (after reading your blogs) that there is nothing to worry about! You're all very unique and we are so happy that you joined the team so that we can help you and restore that wall of confidence. 

Thank you again,
The Professors.