Homework Received


EliteNews - fake short news about famous elites on stardolls
MeDollMemories - articles on stardoll related stuff
MeDollMania - makeovers by different sd users on others, or Makeovers By Mia, simmilar blog, only ran by one person
The Stardoll Voice - collage of thoughts and feelings of different stardoll members
and as I can't think of 5th I say my blog , Shopping on Stardoll with Milena, my new blog which gives tips on how to make money on Stardoll. 


Perez Hilton of Stardoll is about elite news. This is one of the best places to find stardoll gossip. Most of their posts are full of scandal of drama. But every once in a while you'll find a post about a new Stardoll project that someone has created. Most of all, this is your got to blog if your looking for a good drama fix.
The blog Stardoll's Most Wanted is your basic Stardoll blog. It holds competions, and posts spoilers. It also shows free stuff, but since Jenna (the owner) was hacked they haven't been posting proxies. Another thing they post is the new dolls and a little biography of the person that was made into a new doll. They post people's birthdays and show real life versions of the new clothes on Stardoll. Personally, this is one of my favorite Stardoll blogs.

Stardoll Presentations. Well, the name pretty much says it all. This blog is for teaching people how to may Stardoll presentations. It gives you codes to make your own presentation with and it also gives you samples to use. I fid it extremely helpful when I'm making a presentation.
Tutorial Glam is makeup tutorial blog.They take real life makeup pictures and make a Stardoll version. They take you step by step threw the process and they have pictures of each step. This blog has the most beautiful Stardoll makeup I've ever seen!
Last but certainly not least is Fashion Lifestyle. Obviously this blog is about Stardoll fashion. They post about what the Stardoll elites are wearing and real life fashion that is some what related to what the elite is wearing. Also, they post  two different elites and their oufitts and you vote on "Which one is the most talented by choosing her clothes?"

1.Stardoll`s Most Hated

-Stardoll`s Most Hated is a gossip blog.But the gossips aren`t fake.It
is about fights between Elitas,scandals,projects,etc..Anyway,about
Elite Group.I think people love it becouse you always see
someting interesting on it.The owner of Stardoll`s Most Hated
is an annonymous,PerezStarGossip.A week ago,one of most
famous annonymous discovred on Stardoll`s Most Hated,who she
is.PerezStarGossip still didn`t discovere who she/he is.

2.Elite News


-One of my favourite blog on Stardoll is Elite News.It is a blog
about gosspis too,but about fake gossips.Just like in Real Life.It
is about fake robbers,divorces,children of popular couples,… on
Stardoll.It is a blog were Stardoll is like Real life,becouse of what I
wrote (children of popular couples,divorces,robbers,etc..).Example:
I mean,you can`t robber Starplaza,right?There were no blogs like
it on Stardoll,when it was made.It is interesting and funny,but
still it doesn`t hurts other people.The owner is EliteNews
(Star_Awards).EliteNews/Baya Nicolas is an character with
her own life,she is actually a character what live sin „real
world“,Dollywood.She has a wife,pets,etc..

3. Memories of a MeDoll


-MDM is a serious blog,and it is not about gossips.You can
read many interesting things here.Usually writers write
about some scanadals and their opinions about it,or they
write someting about Stardoll (example:Superstars VS.
Nonsuperstars,Annonymous,projects,etc..)It is my favourite
blog,becouse I can always find someting interesting.For holidays
(example:Christmas),they do lottery.

-Owners are Isabella,Noelle and Jeremy

-One of most famous blogger competition is on MDM,it`s
name is MDM`s Next Top Blogger

4. Stardoll`s Most Wanted

-Stardoll`s Most Wanted is a regular blog.Writers write about
new clothes,Hotbuys,someting about dolls for dress-up,free
things,etc…In my opinion this blog became popular becouse
of many competition.There is a competition every week.It is a
good way to earn stardollars.This blog was succesful for very
long time,but now since owner left Stardoll,it is becoming more
lazy,and borning.Writers don`t write soo much as they did.It has
over 5000 followers,and Stardoll`s Most Wanted was in The Star



-Elitemodels is an model agency on Stardoll.Models have
their own portofolios,and clients choose models what they
want.Here is someting about it “We will manage the career of
our models by helping them find work, we will also establish
their very own portfolio and have them sign a lucrative contract
that will assure them that ELITEmodels will diffidently live up
to the plate with their modeling career. Were looking for a
diverse line-up of models and clients.It is owned by EliteNews
a.k.a Baya Nikolas.It is the biggest modeling agency on Stardoll
(Tyler`s Top Models was the biggest,but now since owner,Tyler
left the blog,nobody know what will it continue to work.)Many
models started their model carrer here.

Hello There,
Here Are Five Stardoll Blogs With Different Themes:
http://www.medollmemoires.blogspot.com/ - Stardoll Gossip, Concerning Topics, Competitions,
http://www.underneathstardoll.blogspot.com/ - Talented Medoll Of The Week, Competitions, Free Things, Spoilers,
http://eofsd.blogspot.com/ - Stylist Medolls, Commercials, Shows, 
http://stardollskingofmedia.blogspot.com/ - Stardoll Gossip, Magazine Spoilers, Stardoll News,
http://thesdsocialgroup.blogspot.com/ - An organization for numerous social events, interviews, parties, 
Each blog is similar and different in many ways by the topics they write about and the theme of their blogs. Each blog has a different opinion and view on the Stardoll world which makes them over all, all the more unique. 
The blogs all have a close eye on Stardolls known Elites but also allow for lesser known members to be welcomed into the spotlight for a little while.

For Editorialized  I included the banner and some pictures from the posts there only... this is the first attachment labeled "Editorialized". This shows how it revolves around, as it says, "Fashion and Modeling".

For E! Of Stardoll, I showed how it was hooked on entertainment, if you will. I also used only material and content from the blog itself. The repetition was supposed to imply a newsreel, like they have at the bottom of the TV screens on news channels.

I also did Stardoll Role ModelAgain, only actual content from the blog itself. I tried to show how it was a competition, using words like Finale, Cycle 1, Cycle 2, and Elimination. I also included the face of the Cycle 1 winner.

For School of Bloggingagain, only content in the actual blog itself. Hey, it does have a hook and it is a blog, right? It counts. I tried to focus it around the education and the lessons more than the Stardoll/Blogging aspects.

And, last but not least, my collage for Elites Exposed Although EE has long ago been shut down, it definitely had a theme, and I felt I had to acknowledge it. On the top it showed the theme and on the bottom were a few pictures of some of the "Elites" Aislin "Exposed." As usual, nothing from outside of the blog.

Task Two

Elegant. Classy. Unique. All of these terms could be coined to the new store in Starplaza: Perfect Day. This store, based on the royal wedding of Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton, is filled with four whole floors of gorgeous and extravagant dresses. It can compare to the royal wedding in many ways. It expresses the fanciful life of royals, yet by making some of the dresses short, some created by putting together layers of skirts -- short to long -- , and most being eye-catching colours, Stardoll has successfully relayed to us the modernized wedding, evolved from many generations of past royal weddings. Though that may be true, Stardoll has also included many classic pieces. Pieces that Prince William's ancestors would have probably liked to see Ms. Middleton wear. All in all, it's a great store, and it's worth buying a few items, so create the outfit of your 'perfect day'; whether it be a product of the computer-age, or an artifact from the past.

Hello, How Are You All?

Ever since the store, 'Perfect Day', had been released. A lot of people mentioned it to be based on the Royal Wedding. I think this was convenient of Stardoll to do something like this or was it possibly another money grabbing scheme that a lot of people have been thinking of Stardoll recently?
Even though the store is supposedly based around the Royal Wedding, none of the dresses are very Royal like or traditional in my opinion. The dresses on the third floor have some traditionality in them but, nothing like the traditional big white dress.
A lot of them are very bold, brightly coloured. Did anyone see the show, 'My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding'? Not to be offensive, but in my opinion some are like the dresses you'd see on that. Which, don't get me wrong are pretty. But, for the Royal Wedding? Really?
What do you think?

"Some people wait a lifetime
for a moment like this..."
Kelly Clarkson

We all dream about our perfect day. The day that you and your loved one and only, your true love, will be together for a lifetime. But you are too young, still at school, and having enough problems already. That's when Stardoll comes in. You can have now your virtual wedding, or at least dress up like you have one. Gorgeous skirts, corsets, veils, bouquets, all that you can find in a new store 'The Perfect Day'. (insert screenshoot of shop) As you can see, tops and skirts are sold separately, so there are so many combinations. You can now be goth bride, or pink bride, or classic, but always beautiful, dressed in white. And there are dresses for bridesmaids, your best friends, too.

Just imagine. You are the most famous bride now, Kate Midleton. You are marrying the guy of your dreams, the price, many famous and classy people are invited. You wake up, with a room full of staff, ready to get you prepared for the royal wedding. As they apply makeup on you, do your hair, help you dressing up, all you think about is excitement of being bound together with the one you've been waiting for your whole life. Dressed in most gorgeous gown, as it suits a future princess, you are taken to altar to say .. Yes! 


The Perfect Day store-face it, you either like it or you don't. I like it, but I think that it's giving more un-needed publicity to the Royal Wedding. All the royal wedding stuff is getting on my nerves. I turn on the the TV-"Watch the Royal Wedding live-starting at 5 a.m.!" I go on the computer and go on Stardoll-"Visit our new Royal Wedding store-Perfect Day!" Just SHUT UP.
As far as the store itself goes, I like it overall. They have a dramatic factor I just love, especially the purple dress featured on the store sign. My one problem with the store is the prices. They come in separate pieces, not a whole dress. That one purple dress I like costs 26 stardollars not including the gloves and hat that go with it. With the gloves and hat, it costs 40 stardollars. I find that ridiculous. I mean, who would pay 40 stardollars for a dress?
So, all in all, I think that the Perfect Day store has nice clothes, but it's overpriced and unnecessary. What do you think?

There's a new shop on Stardoll called Perfect Day. The shop's first floor is related to the royal wedding this Friday. I did some research and found that Kate Middleton and Prince William are getting married at Westminister Abey. In the background of the store is a Stardoll version of it.
The last dress on the right is a replica of Princess Diana's wedding dress. It also has the same bouquet.
The vail on the 4th mannequin is the same as Princess Grace Kelly's vail, but the dress isn't the same.
Also, the royal crown is the exact same as the Stardoll version.
The carriage is nothing like the Stardoll one.
As far as Kate's dress goes we don't know what it looks like so Stardoll couldn't make a replica of it, So what do you think, should Stardoll have made more things related to Kate and William?

As many- of not all- of you know, the new store "Perfect Day" in the Starplaza has been released and it is filled with gorgeous dresses, in every shade of the rainbow there is. From soft gold, pastel pink, and ivory to bridesmaid-y peaches and plums, to even a an electric purple-and-blue piece- that's probably the one I like the least, it's definitely not a very wedding-looking piece.

Still, most of the dresses are beautiful, although I adore Kate's dress the most. It's the perfect mixture of frothy lace and classy and crisp white. It was designed by Sarah Burton for McQueen, and I have to say she did a stunning job with Pippa's dress as well. It's a bit less fancy then Kate's, Kate of course being the bride, but it has a wonderful neckline.

Although they are at the peak of fashion with Perfect Day, the clothing is still quite over priced. 

Example One? My mother's dress looks similar to Kate's. When my mother told my father that her dress was definitely cheaper then Kate's, my sister then informed my mother that Kate's dress was free because of all the publicity Sara Burton was getting. I'm still smiling at that.

So for a McQueen dress that cost $0.00 in real life we have to pay 38 Stardollars- what that translates to in real life, I'm not quite sure, but I DO know we have to pay more for a virtual dress then a Duchess for a gorgeous, regal, and most importantly REAL wedding dress.

The dress and the store are absolutely gorgeous, no doubt about it, but still ridiculously overpriced. What's your favorite? Will you pay the prices?