Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Extra Homework

If wanted, here is the extra work that I set someone through and email. Just send me another email if wanted. Plus, the 26 people who signed up should - by now - have sent and email (even if it is just a reason why you aren't completing the task) with the homework.

The task:

You've been hired by a blog manager and she says that you need to write about the shop: Perfect Day. You've 'been told' to relate to the Royal Wedding on Friday.

What would your post be? Remember to have good grammar and remember to grab the reader's attention and FIND A HOOK!

Find a hook my friends. Find a hook.

Send your pieces again to homework.blogschool@gmail.com.

Blog School.


  1. nice task, I will work on it, and btw could you post all homeworks after they are finished all so we can read and discuss, see what we could have done better, etc?

  2. Of course. Good idea. Then you can see what you are up against.

  3. No, I'm just kidding. You aren't up against anyone It isn't a competition. It's just a small task to make your writing better and see what we're working with...

  4. No! You did nothing wrong, it was me! I guess I was being a bit silly. Anyway, thanks for sending!